Vodafone Champions Uganda’s Youth Agenda

Posted on | February 10th, 2017

The Afrimax-Vodafone Group has reiterated its focus to drive the education agenda across its African markets, in line with its strategy to empower the youth through its three-pronged approach, which consists of a graduate development program, a student brand ambassador program, and an online educational platform called JUMP.

“A key pillar in our strategy is a tremendous focus on the youth segment. In all our markets 60-70 per cent of the population is below 25 years of age, signalling an impressive pool of talent and immense capacity just waiting to be tapped into. The current trend in the use of digital media across our markets, in demographic terms, fully underscores the vital importance of supporting this segment.” Ms. Yemi Lawal, Regional Director, Youth Segment.

The ICT company, which has operations in Zambia, Cameroun, Uganda, and Ghana, has partnered with more than 40 universities and colleges across its markets resulting in a student ambassador programme with more than 1,500 students in order to prepare and equip undergraduates for life after varsity through internships, mentorship and special projects.

Through its graduate development program, the company has recruited some of the best and brightest recent graduates who account for 50 per cent of its staff compliment in its markets.

“These ambitious young professionals, who yearn for recognition and career advancement, are at the forefront of some of our most disruptive and next generation digital products and services.” said Mr. John Ndego, Chief Executive Officer.

JUMP is a unique online content platform with categories in Education, Entrepreneurship, Self-improvement, and Lifestyle. Ms. Progress Chisenga emphasises that the key focus is on providing free access to educational content through the creation of an e-library and creating an environment where young and upcoming entrepreneurs are supported through various initiatives.

“Under the education category we will launch the JUMP Academy which will provide students with a wide array of study notes and a series of video lectures from Ugandan lecturers. She added.

In an increasingly digitized Africa, astonishing opportunities emerge when young people connect. The 4G operator envisions that by 2020, there will be over five million users across all markets on the JUMP platform. The magnitude of that number exemplifies how powerful the platform can be for society’s youth.

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