Vodafone Uganda’s 4G network expands to Mukono

Vodafone, Uganda’s leading 4G internet service provider, offering 4G-LTE high-speed broadband data services, continues to steadily grow its footprint in response to customers’ demands. The next generation telecom operator, today, officially announced its expansion to Seeta and Mukono towns.

Following its re-launch in November 2016, Vodafone unveiled a digital first approach targeting youth and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

“Expanding our network into the Mukono and Seeta areas does not only align with our brand ethos and vision; to empower everybody to be confidently connected, but is also a critical pillar in our strategy to optimize our network. We are steadily extending exciting opportunities for unmatched online experiences, interactions, networking and knowledge sharing, especially for the youth and SMEs. We envision an empowered, self-made, innovative and creative generation and I am delighted that consumers and businesses will now experience Vodafone’s high speed data services.” said John Ndego, CEO Vodafone.

The 4G technology guarantees ease in communication to steer the region to its full economic potential. Uganda’s unemployment rate is currently estimated at 4.55% and can be fairly reduced via connectivity by providing ease in accessibility to transformational information. The Government has fully supported initiatives such as innovative hubs that allow young people and Small Medium Enterprises with vast talent and creativity to create amazing employment solutions.

Mukono is the 3rd major district on Vodafone’s site expansion roll out plan after Greater Kampala and Entebbe and is expected to positively impact both private and public sectors by providing fast and reliable internet.  Greater Kampala largely covers areas around Kampala’s five divisions and parts of Wakiso. The Entebbe area covers Entebbe road as well as Entebbe town.

“Information and Communications Technology is the tool for the future. The primary goal is therefore, to improve and broaden equitable access of this tool as a means of creating new opportunities for social- economic development in Uganda” said His Worship George Kagimu, the Mayor of Mukono.

“At Vodafone, we believe that we have the network and you have the power. We would like to make Vodafone coverage accessible to many people, so that they can be empowered to live their best life today. It is because of this that we have plans for further expansion and consolidate the network to serve our customers better and reach new customers”, said John Ndego, CEO Vodafone.

The roll out of the Vodafone network in Mukono for consumers and businesses will include the opening of Vodafone branded dealer shops and kiosks in key locations which in turn will facilitate employment.