Home Connect

Home Connect

The Ugandan homeowner today has learned the art of blending work with a touch of comfort. The trend of sending emails, downloading files or holding meetings is evolving from the ordinary workstation to that graceful and relaxing home space; and Vodafone is creating that desired balance with Vodafone Home Connect.

Vodafone Home Connect:

Connection is everything in your home. From the curtains to the cushions on your sofa or the mat your table sits on – there is a common pattern that tells your guests a story. Vodafone carries that common aspect through its internet solutions – connecting you to your workstation, your suppliers, and social network in the comfort of your home. The Vodafone Home Connect package has a variety of Internet solutions with unmatched speeds that make browsing, streaming, surfing and downloading seamless.

Depending on the arrangement of your home or property, you get to choose from the wide variety of our internet solutions such as the 4G Zaga ReMix Mi-Fi that connects up-to 10 people or Boost Router that connects up-to 32 users within the same space. Other products such as our Wi-Fi hotspots and Dedicated Internet Access can be configured within the same space and will take your convenience to the next level while interacting online.

Understanding the Vodafone experience:

We are not just internet service providers but are your business partners. We go beyond offering internet solutions for your home by ensuring that you have the best online experience. All these solutions have been designed to meet each unique need and are also tailored to suit different property structures.

Take this exciting journey of transformation by filling this form or visit your nearest Vodafone shop to get more details on these great Internet solutions. You have the power to transform your home, we have the connection that will get you there!

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