Daily Bundles

View our daily data bundles below.

100MB Daily – 24 Hours

Ideal for:

Anyone who regularly downloads music, uses Skype and occasionally streams videos. It's also perfect for emails, browsing and social media.

UGX 2,000

100MB add-on for UGX 1,700
How to Buy
Midnight Bundle

Enjoy 1GB of data and 4G connectivity from midnight until 7am. Get late night 4G connectivity. Only available for 24 hours.

UGX 2,500

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400MB – 24 Hours

Ideal for:

On the go individuals using the internet daily for Skype, music and video downloads, streaming, e-learning, e-mails, browsing and social media.

UGX 7,000

400MB add-on for UGX 6,000
How to Buy

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