Monthly Bundles

Monthly data bundles let you plan your internet usage better. With a wide range of 30-day packages you can keep browsing and stay connected throughout the month. From individual smartphone and MiFi users to businesses with routers, there’s a mobile package that suits your needs. Once you’ve selected the right monthly bundle for you, find out how to purchase or recharge your data.

Power Pack – 30 days

Daily bundle - 500MB
Bonus bundle - 2GB
WhatsApp bonus – 2GB

UGX 140,000

How to Buy
Power Pack – 30 days

Daily bundle allocation – 1GB
Bonus bundle - 5GB
WhatsApp bonus – 2GB

UGX 170,000

How to Buy
10GB – 30 Days

Ideal for:

Families who use the Internet for Skype chats, download, upload, streaming and e-learning. Perfect for emails, browsing and social media.

UGX 125,000

10GB add-on for UGX 105,000
How To Buy
80GB – 30 Days

Get more from your internet. Watch more movies, call more and do more online without the hassle of topping up. Only valid for 30 days.

UGX 450,000

80GB add-on for UGX 420,000
How to Buy
1GB – 30 Days

Ideal for:

Regular music downloads, using Skype audio and occasionally streaming videos. Great for emails, browsing and social media.

UGX 35,000

1GB add-on for UGX 29,000
How To Buy
20GB – 30 Days

Maximum use, loads more movies and video Skype calls without the hassle of regular top-ups. Only valid for 30 days.

220,000 UGX

20GB add-on for UGX 190,000
How to Buy
40GB – 30 Days

Get more movies, Skype calls and browsing without the hassle of regular top ups.

UGX 330,000

40GB add-on for UGX 300,000
How to Buy
5GB – 30 Days

Ideal for:

Small families using the Internet for downloading & streaming music or videos. In addition to emails, browsing, social media and Skype video/audio.

UGX 90,000

5GB add-on for UGX 75,000
How To Buy
2GB – 30 Days

Ideal for:

Individuals regularly downloading music, using Skype and occasionally streaming videos. Perfect for emails, browsing and social media.

UGX 50,000

2GB add-on for UGX 42,000
How To Buy
10GB – Evening and Weekend

Enjoy 4G connectivity from Monday to Thursday 7pm to 7am and on Friday from 7pm until 7am on Monday. Only valid for 30 days.

UGX 60,000

How To Buy
500MB – 30 Days

Ideal for:

Occasional use of social media, email, browsing and streaming short videos.

UGX 20,000

500MB add-on for UGX 17,000
How To Buy

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