Weekly Bundles

Weekly, seven day bundles are prepaid packages that give you more control of your data spend. Perfect for anyone who uses social media regularly, you can choose your data amount or purchase social add-on packages. Once you’ve selected the right weekly bundle for you, find out how to purchase or recharge your data.

Power Pack – 7 days

Daily bundle - 500MB
Bonus bundle - 1GB
WhatsApp bonus - 750MB

UGX 40,000

How to Buy
1GB – 7 Days

Ideal for:

Individuals using the internet for streaming, music or video downloads, audio/video skype, e-mails, browsing and social media.

UGX 20,000

1GB add-on for UGX 17,000
How to Buy
200MB – 7 Days

Ideal for:

Regularly music downloads, using Skype audio and occasionally streaming videos. Perfect for emails, web browsing and social media.

UGX 6,000

200MB add-on for UGX 5,000
How To Buy

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