My Data 3some Terms & Conditions

  • Only customers that have been on the Vodafone network for at least four months are eligible to recommend any 3 friends to purchase a Zaga ReMix Mi-Fi or Boost Even Router.
  • At the point of activation, the recommended customer will register their recommenders name and Vodafone number.
  • The customer can recommend as many friends as possible but is only rewarded the 1GB data bundle and 40% data bonus each time a set of 3 recommended friends are activated.
  • The recommender will only get the data bonus when the recommended friends buy a daily, weekly or monthly data bundle.
  • The 1GB data bonus is valid for seven days.
  • The 40% data bonus has definite validity depending on the bundle the recommended customer purchases and does not carry forward. Please refer to table below;
Data bundle purchased by refereeBonus bundle validity (days)


  • The recommender does not get any data bonus if the recommended friends purchase the promotional bundles (1GB night bundle, the 2GB monthly bundle at Ugx20,000 & 4GB monthly bundle at Ugx40,000), Power Pack bundles, Night & Weekend bundle & Unlimited bundles.
  • The data bonus will be used up first before the active bundle on the recommenders account.

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