Data Carry Forward Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

“Carry Forward” has the meaning set forth in paragraph 2.1 of these Terms.

“Fair Usage Policy” means the Vodafone fair usage policy described in your standard terms and conditions relating to your plan and, in the case of customers with an unlimited plan, the terms and conditions relating to unlimited data usage.

“Network” means the mobile communications network operated by us and covering those geographic areas as stipulated by us from time to time.

“Services” means our services offered via our Network including, for the purposes of Carry Forward, data.

“Terms” means these terms and conditions, which supplement but do not replace any other terms and conditions associated with your use of and access to our Services.

“Vodafone”, “we” or “us” means Afrimax Uganda Limited and its successors or permitted assigns, trading as at the date of these terms as “Vodafone”.

“you” means the customer using Carry Forward.

2. Carry Forward of Data

2.1 Data carry-forward is a service provided by Vodafone for a limited period whereby in certain circumstances you can carry forward all or any of your unused Data Allowance at the end of the validity period of your bundle to use as part of a subsequent monthly bundle of the same type (“Carry Forward”).

2.2  Carry Forward will be available for a limited period only and Vodafone reserves its right to withdraw the Carry Forward offer at any time without advance notification or advertisement and without any liability in connection therewith. However, if you have already utilized Carry Forward for a subsequent month, Vodafone will honour its commitment regarding your usage of the Carry Forward data during that month.

3. Eligibility

3.1 Carry Forward is available to Vodafone customers only.

3.2 Carry Forward will apply only:

(a) to Vodafone data bundles with a thirty (30) day validity period that are advertised on our website ( (Carry Forward does not apply to any twenty four (24) hour or seven (7) day bundles or to any Unlimited data plans); and

(b) When you purchase a further data bundle of the same type (for example, if you are using a 2GB data bundle and wish to Carry Forward some or all of your unused data, you must purchase another monthly 2GB data bundle).

3.3 To use Carry Forward, you must also have completed and signed a customer subscriber form and accepted and agreed to adhere to the relevant terms and conditions (for example, our pre-pay terms and conditions or our post-pay terms and conditions).

4. How to utilize Carry Forward

4.1 Subject to the eligibility criteria set forth in paragraph 3 above, you can utilise Carry Forward by

4.2 purchasing another thirty (30) day bundle of the same type prior to the expiry of your existing eligible bundle. For the avoidance of doubt, you cannot utilize Carry Forward by purchasing a twenty four (24) hour or seven (7) day bundle or any Unlimited data plan, or by purchasing a different bundle to the one that is about to expire. Under Carry Forward, unused data will be carried forward for thirty (30) days after the expiry of your existing eligible bundle. If you do not use all the data that was subject to Carry Forward during this period, it will automatically expiry and cannot be carried forward for a further period (see paragraph 4.4 below).

4.3 Data bundles will be utilized in the sequence in which they have been purchased. This means that your Carry Forward data will be used prior to your newly purchased data allowance. Your newly purchased data allowance will be utilized once your Carry Forward data has been fully depleted or has expired.

4.4 If you do not use all your data allowance by the end of its validity period, it will automatically expire as follows:

(a) If such data is Carry Forward data, at the end of the Carry Forward period; or

(b) If such data is not Carry Forward data and you have not purchased a new subsequent monthly bundle in order to be eligible for Carry Forward, at the end of its validity period.

4.5 Data that has expired cannot be recovered or reallocated to you or any other customer.

5. Fair Usage Policy

5.1 Your used of data, including Carry Forward data, is subject always to our Fair Usage Policy.

6. Miscellaneous

6.1 We may make changes to these Terms from time to time for any reason. The current Terms in force at any given time will be available on our website ( By continuing to use our Services, or any part thereof, you shall be deemed to have agreed to any changes, amendments, additions and/or modifications. If you do not wish to accept these, you must stop using the Services.

6.2 These Terms are an addendum to, and do not replace in any way, the terms and conditions agreed to by you when you subscribed for our Services. We recommend that you read these Terms in conjunction with all other terms and conditions that relate to your use of the Services. All terms and conditions are located on our website (

6.3 These Terms are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Uganda. The courts of Uganda shall have exclusive jurisdiction over these Terms.

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