Unlimited Plan Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions

Fair Usage Policy” or “FUP” means the Vodafone fair usage policy described in these Terms.

Network” means the mobile communications network operated by us and covering those geographic areas as stipulated by us from time to time.

Services” means our services offered via our Network including, for the purposes of the Offer, data.

Terms” means these terms and conditions, which supplement but do not replace any other terms and conditions associated with your use of and access to our Services.

Unlimited Plan(s)” means the plans set forth in paragraph 2.

Vodafone”, “we” or “us” means Afrimax Uganda Limited and its successors or permitted assigns, trading as at the date of these terms as “Vodafone”.

you” means the customer accepting the Offer.

2.  The Unlimited Plans

2.1 These terms and conditions apply to the following plans, each of which offers unlimited data (the “Unlimited Plans”):

ProductDownload Speed*ValidityFUP CapPrice (UGX)
Unlimited 2mbps/12mbps24 hours1.5GB17,900
Unlimited 2mbps/72mbps7 days8GB69,900
Unlimited 2mbps/302mbps30 days35GB149,900
Unlimited 6mbps/306mbps30 days50GB199,900
Unlimited 10mbps/3010mbps30 days60GB349,900
Unlimited Nite2mbps30 days50GB79,900
Day and Nite2mbps30 days35GB199,900
Day and Nite2mbps30 days50GB259,900


*Download speeds are provided on a best efforts basis and are the maximum speeds that a customer will experience. Actual speeds are dependent on a number of factors that are outside our control including, without limitation, the distance of the customer to the relevant base station and the number of other customers in the vicinity. Accordingly, we cannot guarantee these speeds.

2.2 We recommend that you use only Vodafone approved TD-LTE devices in order to experience the best service and speeds. Customers using 2G or 3G devices will not be able to benefit from 4G speeds.

2.3 The Unlimited Plans will be available for a limited period only and Vodafone reserves the right to withdraw the Unlimited Plans at any time without advance notification or advertisement and without any liability in connection therewith (provided that if you have already subscribed for an Unlimited Plan, Vodafone will honour its commitment regarding your usage of that Unlimited Plan for the applicable validity period).

2.4 The validity of each Unlimited Plan, as indicated in the table above, commences on the date the applicable Unlimited Plan is purchased and for the period stated in the table above.

2.5 The FUP threshold indicated in the table above includes both downloaded and uploaded data. A gigabyte is 1024 megabytes.

3. Eligibility

3.1 The Offer is available to Vodafone customers only.

3.2 To use an Unlimited Plan, you must also have completed and signed a customer subscriber form and accepted and agreed to adhere to the relevant terms and conditions (for example, our pre-pay terms and conditions or our post-pay terms and conditions).

4. Fair Usage Policy

4.1 A small number of customers are responsible for generating large volumes of traffic on our Network, which can impact the service we offer to our other customers. Therefore, the provision of unlimited data services pursuant to the Unlimited Plans is subject to our Fair Usage Policy.

4.2 Our Fair Usage Policy comprises the following principles:

(a) We reserve the right to monitor and control Service usage and/or types of traffic transmitted on the Network. We may limit access to bandwidth and Network resources in our endeavour to provide the best possible broadband Internet experience to all our customers.

(b) The Fair Usage Policy is applicable to the Unlimited Plans in the manner set forth below and in the terms and conditions applicable to the Unlimited Plans, unless specifically withdrawn, excluded or modified at our sole discretion.

4.3 If you breach the Fair Usage Policy by exceeding the caps for data usage set forth in the table at paragraph 2, we reserve the right to throttle the speed at which you will be able to access the Services to 128kbps. You will, however, continue to be able to enjoy uncapped unlimited access at 128kbps for the remaining plan validity period.

4.4 Annex 1 to these Terms explains the Fair Usage Policy and provides answers to frequently asked questions about fair usage.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 We may make changes to these Terms from time to time for any reason. The current Terms in force at any given time will be available on our website (www.vodafone.co.ug). By continuing to use our Services, or any part thereof, you shall be deemed to have agreed to any changes, amendments, additions and/or modifications. If you do not wish to accept these, you must stop using the Services.

5.2 The Unlimited Plans are subject to their own specific terms and conditions, as well as the Vodafone standard terms and conditions.

5.3 These Terms are an addendum to, and do not replace in any way, the terms and conditions agreed to by you when you subscribed for our Services. We recommend that you read these Terms in conjunction with all other terms and conditions that relate to your use of the Services. All terms and conditions are located on our website (www.vodafone.co.ug).

5.4 These Terms are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Uganda. The courts of Uganda shall have exclusive jurisdiction over these Terms.



Fair Use Policy (FUP) Explained

Vodafone is committed to providing you with fast and reliable 4G Internet service. That’s why we have taken steps to implement a fair use policy designed to reduce the speeds of a few users who are responsible for generating large volumes of traffic on the network which greatly impacts the service we offer to other paying customers.


These customers often have file-sharing software or peer-to-peer/torrent apps on their phones or tablets, and download large-format files such as music, videos and movies consistently.


This means customers on regular or promotional data plans who exceed the FUP cap set out in the table at paragraph 2 will experience browsing at slower speeds.


This policy allows us to maintain the quality of our 4G Internet service and give all Vodafone Uganda customers a fair opportunity to enjoy our network.



Why is the Fair Use Policy being implemented?

Our Fair Use Policy is aligned with the global industry practice of telecommunications providers throughout the world and is subject to change without prior notice.  Our Fair Use Policy applies to all consumer unlimited data plans offered by Vodafone in Uganda.

We want to give all Vodafone customers a fair opportunity to enjoy our network. Implementing a Fair Use Policy that is designed to reduce the speeds of a few users who are responsible for generating large volumes of traffic on the network which greatly impacts the service we offer to other paying customers.

Those who are most likely to be affected by the Fair Use Policy are those who use peer-to-peer applications to download large files, use their mobile phone as a personal hotspot, or stream videos heavily on a daily basis. These activities use up a huge portion of network bandwidth, affecting customers like you.

We assure you that neither lines nor mobile Internet service will be cut when a subscriber is affected by the Fair Use Policy. If a customer reaches their threshold, the Internet speed will just slow down to make sure that others can also enjoy our shared resource.


Is this Fair Use Policy only with Vodafone? Or does this apply to other providers, too?

The policy does not only apply with Vodafone. Other telecommunications companies in Uganda as well as around the world, implement similar policies in compliance with global industry practices. The terms and conditions under your contract also cover a provision on Fair Usage Policy.


Does this mean you will cut or stop my Internet service?

No. Implementing the Fair Use Policy doesn’t mean that your mobile Internet service will be stopped. Remember that you could still enjoy unlimited browsing. However, if you reach the threshold, you will experience slower speed. You may continue to surf websites, download files, send and receive emails, use Facebook, Twitter, and even download files, but at a slower speed.


How do I know if I’m hitting my threshold?

If you’ve hit your threshold, you will be informed through text and/or email that you’ll experience reduced browsing speed.  To prevent your service from being slowed, you can monitor your data usage using our web self care – “MyVodafone” which is available through our website (www.myvodafone.vodafone.co.ug).

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