Vodafone Christmas MiFi

  • A customer purchases the Vodafone Xmas Mi-Fi at UGX 90,000
  • The Mi-Fi purchased comes with 2GB data valid for 30 days
  • The customer receives an additional 400MB bonus bundle valid for 7 days dedicated to S.W.I.F.T (Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter)
  • The customer also receives a 400MB bonus weekly bundle valid for 7 days
  • The additional weekly bonus bundles are rewarded to the customer in the subsequent 6 months
  • The customer will receive the data bonus weekly bundles only if they have an active weekly or monthly data bundle
  • The data bonus bundles will be used up first before the active bundle on the customer’s account
  • Other bonuses and profiles cannot be clubbed with this promotion
  • Only customers that have purchased this MiFi are eligible for the data bonus bundles
  • This promotion is valid until Saturday, 30th December 2017.

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